At Northern Sky Woodworks, we use beautiful Western Red Cedar for almost all our wood products.  Western Red Cedar is a truly “green” and renewable resource.  Watch a video about this incredible building material here.

Western Red Cedar is an amazing, renewable resource for outdoor furniture. Its beautiful earth-tone hues, aromatic fragrance, natural resistance to rot and mold make it the perfect choice for creating this enduring and rustically attractive Adirondack-style furniture. This furniture is handcrafted, one at a time, by us for you and your family’s enjoyment and comfort for many years to come. There are many reasons we choose Western Red Cedar:

  • It is light and strong.  At 60% the weight of Red or White Oak, it has 80% of oak’s strength.
  • Its naturally-occurring chemical compounds provide a renowned resistance to rot and decay and provides a natural deterrent to wood-damaging insects (including termites).
  • Its cellular structure makes it a natural insulator.  Unlike metal outdoor furniture, Western Red Cedar furniture will stay cool even on  hot, sunny days. That cellular structure also makes it extremely resistant to dimensional changes (cupping, cracking, and splitting) due to fluctuations in heat and/or humidity. This dimensional stability and low heat transfer make Western Red Cedar the most logical choice of wood for saunas, hot tubs and, of course, for crafting this beautiful Adirondack-style outdoor furniture.